Man standing beside trailer with water containers on it

Portable Chemical Tank Trailer


Trial Testing

Field test novel flow assurance chemistries at the well head, separators or any process input point.  Injection of anti-foulants, demulsifiers and/or dewax chemicals are all possible.  

Rapid Response

Rapid chemical intervention may sometimes be required to solve process upsets.  Allows for option of conducting a field trial and measure performance prior to permanent committment to tanks, pumps and chemistries. 

Dual Capability

Sometimes process upsets involve mutiple types of fouling issues. This Chemical Tank Trailer is equipped with two independent chemical tanks and injection systems.  


  • 500 Gallon Double-Wall Polly Chemical Tank (X2). 
  • Chemical pumps are fully operational remotely. Can set rates, check inventory, and notify if pumps stop running or if tank level gets low.
  • Includes Dual 3/8″ Wolverine Duplex Pumps with Severe Duty Ceramic Fluid Heads: flow range 5.2 – 246 LPD per pump at <2500psi.
  • Includes Dual 1/2″ Wolverine Simplex Pumps with Super Duty Ceramic Fluid Heads: flow range 4.9 – 225 LPD per pump at <1250psi.
multiple interweaving metal pipes
Water containers on trailer
Angled photo of water containers on trailer