Chemical tanks sitting on trailer

Rapid-Response Case History

Montney Wet Gas ‘Super Pad’ Post Fracking Flow Back Treating

VerdeChem Technologies has employed a rapid-response chemical pumping trailer at ‘Super Pad’ wet gas Montney production sites to mitigate flow assurance issues associated with new high flow back foulant laden production. 

Initial flow back production can carry residual degraded friction reducer polymer tied up with hydrated wax and other foulants – which can include iron, salt, and formation fines. These solids are oil wet and quickly plug surface equipment and skim/sock filters.  The solids also help stabilize emulsions which quickly form emulsion pads that disrupt condensate/brine phase separation. Consequently, these emulsions can be carried into both the condensate sales and water treatment systems.  

The picture below illustrates the types of solids coming from these pads:

VerdeChem is capable of quickly tying in one of their chemical trailers for continuous injection of anti-foulant, demulsifier and/or dewax chemistries. This injection program is typically employed after an initial batch treatment to clean up the contaminated production or water treating systems – these installations are temporary in-order to deal with high slug flow production effects. 

Once the well production drops and stabilizes, the chemical trailer can be removed; and if required, replaced with permanent chemical pumps and tanks – allowing injection of remedial chemistries at much lower rates.  These rapid-response chemical trailers can be remotely monitored and controlled (by VerdeChem personnel working with the client operators) in order to maximize treatment efficiencies.