Wax Crystal Modifier and Flow Improver

MS306Bpp is a solvent-based, oil soluble chemical formulation for use in crude oil and condensate to control paraffin deposition. It is also a wax crystal modifier/pour point depressant that inhibits the gelation of the oil. The MS306Bpp is winterized and optimized for continuous injection in process facilities and downhole applications.


Anti-Foulant Demulsifier/Desludging Agent

De450w is optimized to break flow back foulant laden emulsions that can be produced back from fracked Montney tight wet gas wells. These emulsions often consist of hydrated paraffin wax/asphaltenes, mixed with salt, Iron/calcium mineral scales and residual frack additives.

Portable Chemical Tank Trailer

Field test novel flow assurance chemistries at the well head, separators or any process input point. Injection of anti-foulants, demulsifiers and/or dewax chemicals are all possible.  

Kik Acid

Modular Acid

A synergistic blend of high-performance additives used to develop a modular acid package.



VerdeChem Technologies is committed to the development of customized oilfield chemical solutions that are effective, efficient, and safe. We are driven to optimize performance, even in the face of highly challenging and technical environments. Our multi-disciplined approach provides cost-effective solutions for our customers.

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SCi7775 is a powerful anti-foulant chelation chemistry with solvency, surfactancy, and demulsification properties.

It is designed to chelate Iron in high-salinity Calcium-based brines. SCi7775 is currently being applied to treat foulant laden emulsions in Montney wet gas production.



Per day/on average


Continuous injection compared to intermittent injection



12 months


“Before VerdeChem Technologies intervention our gas plant was plagued with upsets, plugged screens, foulant laden heaters and stabilizers and forced to ship un-stabilized condensate with severe penalties. After their intervention, with in a short period, all these issues were resolved”.

Lead Operator • Montney Wet Gas Processing Plant • Grand Prairie Region


Iron Control Scale Inhibitor + Water-Flood Conditioner

SCi7775 is a powerful anti-foulant chemistry which uses a blend of high-performance additives to achieve scale control in oilfield systems. It also acts as a high activity chelant, which effectively inhibits iron cations in the presence of Calcium and high TDS brines.

SCi7775 is capable of both retarding the formation of Iron Sulfides and removing Iron Sulfide deposits over time. It has water wetting capacities for removing oil filming and keeping scaling cations soluble in mixed pH regimes.

To treat problems associate with Montney wet gas production, the SCi7775 excels due to its solvency, surfactancy, and demulsification properties.


Anti-Foulant + Demulsifier/Desludging Agent

De450w breaks flow back foulant laden emulsions and acid oil emulsions. It is water soluble, but its components can partition into the oil phase to effectively break out foulants, solids and asphaltenes which tend to stabilize emulsions.

DE450w effectively reduces the interfacial tension and changes the wetting of solids to break emulsions and cause foulants to drop into the interface and the brine.

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