MS306Bpp is a solvent-based, oil soluble chemical formulation for use in crude oil and condensate to control paraffin deposition. It is also a wax crystal modifier/pour point depressant that inhibits the gelation of the oil. The MS306Bpp is winterized and optimized for continuous injection in process facilities and downhole applications.

There was a flow assurance issue where condensate stabilizers were swinging – the stabilizer was reading high levels due to foulant buildup on the stage valves. VerdeChem field trialed the MS306Bpp to solve the problem. Chemical injection was started at the feed drum that carries over into the reboiler and stabilizer tower.

Below is a before and after comparison of the Stage Valves pre and post injection:


This injection well was completed in the Cadotte sandstone formation. This formation is often calcareous with iron bearing authigenic mineralogy like siderite and glauconite. Prior to conducting the Verdechem diverted acid stimulations, before March 2015, all prior acid stimulation attempts provided a couple months of incremental injection. Kik Lite acid stimulations, with rock salt diversion and most recently without diversion, have consistently provided much higher and longer incremental injection cycles: resulting in appreciable stimulation cost savings as well as improved reservoir pressure support. The most recent acid stimulations have been weighted with additional specialized solvents to deal with increased amounts of oil carry-over.