Iron Control Scale Inhibitor

Water-Flood Conditioner

SCi7775 is a powerful anti-foulant chemistry which uses a blend of high-performance additives to achieve scale control in oilfield systems. It also acts as a high activity chelant, which effectively inhibits iron cations in the presence of Calcium and high TDS brines. SCi7775 is capable of both retarding the formation of Iron Sulfides and removing Iron Sulfide deposits over time. It has water wetting capacities for removing oil filming and keeping scaling cations soluble in mixed pH regimes. To treat problems associate with Montney wet gas production, the SCi7775 excels due to its solvency, surfactancy, and demulsification properties.


Demulsifier/Desludging Agent

De450w is optimized to break flow back foulant laden emulsions that can be produced back from fracked Montney tight wet gas wells. These emulsions often consist of hydrated paraffin wax/asphaltenes, mixed with salt, Iron/calcium mineral scales and residual frack additives. DE450w is water soluble but has components which can partition into the oil phase to effectively break out foulants, solids and asphaltenes from the emulsions. High-volume flowing wet gas production often require rapid demulsification at the inlet separators where short residence times can lead to oil or water carryover into the separated fluid phases. DE450w chemical injection enhances demulsification efficiencies through effective water wetting and reduced interfacial tension effects.

Iron Sulfide Scale Inhibitor

Iron Sulfide Dissolver

SCi5000 is an iron sulfide dissolver which uses a blend of high-performance additives to achieve scale control in oilfield systems. SCi5000 is capable of both retarding the formation of Iron Sulfides and removing Iron Sulfide deposits over time. It has water wetting capacities for removing oil filming on scales and aggressively complexes with iron cations and prevents combining of hydrogen sulfide anions that form either Iron Sulfides or Elemental Sulfur. It is also effective at inhibiting calcium carbonate and barium sulfate scale. SCi5000 also, given mild soak and heat time, succeeds in dissolving Iron Sulfide scales without the need for mineral acids – which prevents the problem of H2S off-gassing.

Wax Solvent/Dispersant

CD100i is a wax solvent/dispersant that is effective in batch treatments to solvate and disperse undissolved wax to minimize wax deposition in pipelines or tubulars. The combination of solvency and dispersion ensures stabilized condensates are successfully carried through tanks and meters into the sales pipeline system. CD100i is a high-performance low-cost paraffin solvent.

Heavy Oil Sludge Solvent Blend

HOSS5 is a specialized solvent surfactant blend, designed to effectively solvate and disperse heavy oil sludge. It is a mixture of solvents and a proprietary surfactant package. This unique combination of solvents and surfactancy allow the chemistry to penetrate and solvate sludge which is often untouched by xylene or hot water flushes. HOSS5 can be applied as a batch treatment down the tubing or annulus, to solvate and mobilize sludged heavy oil from plugged perforations (in either oil or injection wells). This product can also be used in batch treatments of pipeline or process facilities that experience heavy oil sludge flow assurance issues.

Coal Tar Solvent Blend

CBMSO4 is a specialized solvent surfactant blend, designed to solvate Coal Bed Methane oil tar. As a high-grade condensate, CBMSO4 is suitable for dissolving heavy bituminous hydrocarbons associated with gas/fluid production in coal methane gas wells. Surfactants in the blend, assists the penetration of the solvent blend into the coal tar – enhancing the water wetting of tubulars to reduce oil wetting/sludging effects. Can be pre-blended with production brine to create a water/solvent emulsion, stable enough to be applied as a high-density batch treatment down the tubing or annulus, to solvate and mobilize sludged oil tars that deposit and stick to downhole rods and pumps.

Foaming Scale Dissolver

AD500 is a foaming descaler which is used to flush heating drums and stabilizers – effectively removing foulants and scale. It is a blend of catalyzed organic acids, solvents, wetting agents, and corrosion inhibitors. AD500 has very low corrosivity compared to other organic acid and mineral acid blends. Its active acid component is a green, organic acid salt.



ADE1400 combines the capabilities of both a demulsifier and an anti-foulant, which causes it to work exceptionally well at breaking flow back foulant laden wax emulsions. It is water soluble but has components which can partition into the oil phase – effectively breaking out solids, asphaltenes, and foulants. ADE1400 scavenges iron and calcium forming a water-soluble complex that does not reprecipitate. It reduces interfacial tension and changes the wetting of solids to break emulsions, causing foulants to drop into the interface and brine.


ADFe1051 is a powerful anti-foulant chemistry designed to scrub iron and other cations out of Montney wax condensate phase into the water phase for disposal. It is a concentrated blend of high-performance additives which mitigate iron and calcium-based fouling. ADFe1051 can be injected into condensate/water inlet fluids to chelate and sequester soluble calcium and iron to prevent precipitation of scale in the stabilizer. This chemistry can be combined with the surfactant based DE450w chemistry to break waxy foulant laden emulsions and affect water separation.

Modular Acid

Kik Acid is a synergistic blend of high-performance additives used to develop a modular acid package. It consistently displays sludge-free performance when blended with even the toughest oils in the Canadian Western Basin including the Bakken and Beaver Hill Lake formations. Kik Acid is pumped as a microemulsion to keep both the water and solvent phases together long enough to remove oil filming and organics off downhole scale and tubulars. It effectively disperses the acid emulsion and suspends pore plugging solids for removal.

Montney Mineral Acid Blend

Carbonate Scale Dissolver

Kik UltraLite acid is a cost-effective finished acid solvent blend with additives designed to remove downhole carbonate-based scale often found depositing in deep hot shale gas wells – typically found in the Montney formation. It includes a unique set of additives to provide acid buffering, calcium + iron control, surfactancy, and water wetting capabilities. Kik UltraLite Acid will also disperse and suspend pore plugging solids for more effective removal. It can be applied by Coil or Bull Head Squeezing (with or without diversion).

Heavy Oil Treatment Chemistry

Squeeze & Soak

BBHOC2 is a unique solvent/surfactant based additive package that is added to production brine to create an effective high flash point treatment pull for lifting and solvating heavy oil with present asphaltenes. It does not require high shear and can be placed by annular pumping to keep treatment and remediation costs minimal. BBHOC2 is miscible in water/brine, and the actives will lift and displace dead heavy oil off the silicate/carbonate matrix. With minimum shear the viscous heavy oil remains dispersed and pumpable. Additional foaming will assist dispersion and suspend any plugging formations solids into the returning fluids. The matrix has lasting water wetting capabilities that enhances permeability of the flow of heavy oil.

Green Acid Scale Dissolver

AD100 is a green, non-hazardous, low Ph, environmentally safe organic salt effective at removing surface and downhole carbonate-based scale. It provides mineral scale dissolution on the same caliber as harsher organic acids like phosphoric, acetic, and formic acids. AD100 is phosphate-free, non-fuming, non-flammable, non-regulated scale remover which makes it very safe to handle. It can be used to remove mineral scale fouling in both surface and downhole equipment without any adverse corrosion effects.

Green Foamer

SFW200B is a green foamer optimized to work well in both fracking and drilling oil field applications. It is water soluble but also has good hydrocarbon tolerance. SFW200B is designed for maximum foaming power in waters that very in composition: from fresh to heavy brines. It is both anionic and non-ionic in character. SFW200B does not contain alcohol, inorganic builders, or metal compounds. It is readily biodegradable, non-toxic, and exhibits minimal irritation to the eyes and skin. SFW200B can also be integrated into foaming systems for underbalanced drilling and provide efficient removal of cuttings.

Hydrate Inhibitor

HITA 5000 is a blend of thermodynamic and anti-agglomerate hydrate inhibitors in a methanol-basedsolvent. It provides maximum hydrate control to keep wet gas systems flowing and reduces the consumption of methanol injection required. HITA 5000 can prevent ice lattice formation in pipelines, flowlines, and downhole tubulars.


Vdmo-710 is a high performance demulsifier which rapidly destabilizes water-in-oil emulsions. It coalesces water droplets and releases free water. Vdmo-710 is soluble in aromatic solvents and dispersible in water. Its actives have a very low pour point which makes it useful in solvent formulations intended for cold continuous injection applications.

Wax Crystal Modifier and Flow Improver

MS306Bpp is a solvent-based, oil soluble chemical formulation for use in crude oil and condensate to
control paraffin deposition. It is also a wax crystal modifier and pour point depressant which inhibits the
gelation of the oil. The MS306Bpp is winterized and optimized for continuous injection in process
facilities or downhole applications.

Anti-Foulant and Flocculant

VWC 66S is a non-polymeric, surfactant-based water clarifier and anti-foulant flocculant. This continuous chemistry was specifically designed to treat and improve the quality of water leaving wet gas processing facilities destined for injection well disposal. Produced fluids often carry colloidal wax and other solids which appear as stable dispersions through the treating process. Such foulants are prone to plugging bag filters and disposal wells. The performance of VWC 66S is enhanced with co-injection of specialized solvents. The addition of solvent assists in dissolution of organics and leaves residue in the oil layer of water tanks to be effectively skimmed. This chemistry is both cost effective and efficient in clarifying brine and reducing downstream disposal well plugging and work-overs.