Collage of Verdechem staff

Nathan Neufeld

Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years of business experience in the chemical industry, Nathan has more than demonstrated his innate ability to lead, pioneer and innovate. Armed with foundational degrees in business management and political science, Nathan has developed a series of successful and dynamic business enterprises, all founded on the concept of providing clean, safe and environmentally friendly chemical technology to a wide range of industry including Oil & Gas, Mining, Transportation and Construction.

Brett Larkin

Manager, Field Services

Brett has worked in the Oil Industry for 40 years. He began working specifically in the Oilfield Chemistry sector as of the year 2000. As Field Service Manager at VerdeChem Technologies, he focuses on working with chemical programs for corrosion, scale, wax & asphaltene inhibition to enhance production on underperforming wells. Brett is highly motivated, multi-disciplined, and is great at working both individually and in group environments.

Curtis Pollard

Manager, Stimulation Products

Curtis has over 25 years oil field related work experience as both a Petroleum Geologist as well as an Oil Field Chemist. His multi-disciplinary background in both geology and chemistry has allowed him to develop a holistic approach to oilfield solutions. Over the past few years, Curtis has dedicated much of his time to the treatment of flow assurance issues in the industry.

Buk Kabongo Bukasa

Manager, Product Development

Buk is multi-talented and capable of complex multitasking. His prolific creative achievements and experience make him an ingenious chemist and a dynamic advisor in several areas of both professional and personal life. Buk has worked as a Director of R&D at Evergreen Solutions for 19 years and as a Manager of Product Development at VerdeChem Technologies for 12 years.

Neil Warrender

Director, Chemical Technologies

Neil has 38 years of experience as a research chemist, technical manager and executive; the last 27 spent in the oil and gas industry in western Canada. He has recently joined
VerdeChem Technologies, to assist with the development and commercialization of new chemical technology. Neil is delighted to be working alongside old and new friends at VerdeChem and is relishing the challenge of providing profitable innovation for the company.