4-32 Well Case Study

An E&P company producing wet gas from the Montney was experiencing severe up hole tubing wax plugging. The client was injecting an incumbent dewax chemistry at a reasonably high injection rate. There was very little to no success at preventing up hole wax plugging. The nature of the tubular wax was very hard, and wax knifing programs were often difficult to run.

The company decided to switch out and try the VerdeChem Vwsd50 wax dispersant/solvent.

This 4-32 well is currently running the chemistry at a reduced rate and the results have been positive:                

  • The tubular wax appearance has moved up hole.
  • The wax knifing programs have shown much less and softer wax.
  • The operators have seen much less wax at the pig receiver.

Full wax knife with no chemical injection

Wax knife after two days of chemical injection