LNG is Good for You and Me!

According to this article:


– Liquid Natural Gas, especially in the Montney play, has already grown enough recently to impact the Canadian economy in a positive way. The idea here in the future, is to be able to supply countries like China, Malaysia, India, and Japan enough LNG so that they can be confident in the market long-term. A company called LNG Canada is expected to be up and running and making a splash in the alternative natural gas market by 2025.

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Drilling in the Groundbirch region of the Montney play in northeast BC. Photograph courtesy of Royal Dutch Shell

Construction underway at the LNG Canada site. Photograph courtesy of LNG Canada

Construction underway on the Coastal GasLink pipeline, which will transport natural gas from northeast BC to the LNG Canada terminal in Kitimat. Photograph courtesy of Coastal GasLink