Imagine the Future!

Below, are a few thoughts from the Debolt office Field Service Manager Brett Larkin and from Curtis
Pollard – on the R&D team in the Okotoks Verdechem office, on imagining the future of the Canadian Oil and Gas industry.

Brett Larkin: “Imagining is what I do most often, however in my 40+ years of experience, I have never experienced the negativity worldwide to an industry that has provided so much for its development, and only to now see peoples sentiment blame this industry on the ill effects of climate change whether or not it is directly responsible.

Because the West is a free speech country it is easy to speak negative sentiment; the geopolitical upheaval throughout the West is turning ugly. Politicians are willing to sacrifice an industry (energy resources) to gain power even though it has huge economic impact.

I for one, believe we are not at peak oil consumption and may even see a small spike in prices over the next few years, but I believe that it is only an ‘imagination’ that there will ever be a rebound in the energy sector here in the West, more specifically Canada”.

Curtis Pollard: “It seems like society and the world are going through a paradigm shift. This shift will include the reduction in consumption of traditional energy sources, especially oil. Natural gas including LNG’s will increase because it will continue to be the bridge fossil fuel replacing coal and providing the energy input for hydrogen production.

There is no question if one studies the facts, the Oil Sands Energy Companies have made tremendous strides in reducing CO2 emissions through process changes and abatement strategies. They have collectively made more progress and adopted more technical CO2 abatement change then many of the E&P companies producing hydrocarbons in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The exploitation of oil sands will provide the world with long term ethical and reliable oil for many years and provide much needed Canadian jobs, resource development, trade, and government tax revenue.

Unfortunately, it does not make any difference to environmentalists and the Green movement as to how fast and effective oil and gas companies currently move to reduce CO2 emissions and meet regulated targets. Their mantra is to shut down this industry at any cost and they plan to do so using sensationalism, hyperbole, false truths, and disinformation. To them the end justifies the means even if it is hypocritical. In the meantime, these same individuals enjoy all the consumable, energy and transportation advantages bestowed on society afforded by fossil fuel and its derivatives. This movement only has legs in countries that are democratic and allow for free speech, free movement, and the right to demonstrate.

There is nothing wrong with the idea that we gradually and responsibly switch over to other environmentally friendly energy sources.  What is very wrong and irresponsible is the radical and rapid transition that is demanded by ill advised grassroots movement populace caught up in the herd mentality – without responsible consideration to the many social and economic shocks associated with destroying an industry which has supported Canadian provinces and the country itself, for decades.

All Canadians have reaped the economic benefits of our energy resources for years (inter-provincial trade, taxation, employment, and transfer payments). Thoughtful and paced progress is required in making any paradigm shift in energy policy. We need both Federal and Provincial leadership and
stewardship in this regard and not be unduly influenced by national and international special interest groups.

Does anybody think that China and other dictatorial regimes in the world care about or respond to the demands made by environmentalists?  If a democratic country like Canada has an oil industry which is quickly moving to adopt responsible best in class technical changes to reduce CO2 emissions – then their efforts should be applauded and encouraged not continuously criticized and condemned by well funded
radical groups.”

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