Technical Account Manager - DeBolt, Alberta

Technical Account Manager is a dynamic and rewarding position focused on growing and enhancing VerdeChem Technologies presence in the oil and gas service industry. The primary objective of this position is to be the bridge between technical expertise and client relationship building. Growing revenues and business development, TAM’s can be a great asset by using your technical knowledge to help understand customer needs and provide solutions that drive success.

➢ Ensure you are current in the following certifications: WHMIS, TDG, First Aid, H2S and
Company Orientation.
➢ Must have a solid knowledge/background of chemicals and their applications/purposes.
➢ Sales/business development experience.
➢ Solid understanding of oilfield and production operations.
➢ Competency of basic laboratory analysis and most lab testing

Optional Courses
➢ The following courses are recommended for all VerdeChem Employees: Skid Steer, ATV/UTV
Training. (VerdeChem will provide all safety training/courses that are needed.)

Job Responsibilities
➢ Responsible for all field correspondence and activities related to their accounts.
➢ Assists other Account Managers in technical projects.
➢ Meets regularly with their customers main contacts in field and office environments.
➢ Review pricing of upcoming work and submit quotes to clients/involvement in RFP’s.
➢ Works with a safety conscious attitude towards making your workplace a safe and healthy environment to work in.
➢ Participate in safety program, attend safety meetings and completing necessary paperwork as required.
➢ Responsible for screening products via technical lab work and bottle testing.
➢ Vehicle inspections, maintenance, and reporting.
➢ Ensure the safe loading and unloading of chemicals from trucks, tanks, and drums while filling tanks.
➢ Sales/account development, new account
development, growing revenues and margins through existing account expansion and new business.

Technical Account Managers must:
➢ Be able to meet deadlines.
➢ Have good communication skills/relationship skills.
➢ Have solid computer skills and excel experience.
➢ Monthly reporting and interpreting technical data/trending to the customers.
➢ Gain a solid understanding of the chemistry in VerdeChem Product Line.
➢ Potential for after hours work and on call rotations.
➢ Laboratory experience is an asset but not necessary.
➢ Potential travel outside of the region/area.

Personal Protective Equipment
The following personal protective equipment is necessary for this position:
➢ Foot Protection
➢ Safety Glasses
➢ Hand Protection
➢ Hard Hat
➢ Fire Retardant Coveralls

Technical Account Manager may encounter the following hazards during their work:
➢ Slip, trip and fall hazards
➢ Fire
➢ Weather
➢ Traffic
➢ Chemical Exposure
This list does not include all hazards, additional hazards may exist.

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